Key features of the Wyveron project.

- complete safety of the funds of the first investors;
- investments only in real assets;
- access to assets at almost any time;
- availability for investment from anywhere in the world;
- planned dividend payment.

The goal of the project is to be able to invest in real strategies to generate income in the real market with real money.
You all know that when buying a coin at the start, investors subsequently lose money, because the coins quickly depreciate.
Wyveron is ready to solve this problem. The price of a coin will always be supported by real profits from various investments. This is the uniqueness of the project.
The profitability of masternodes and staking is calculated specifically so that the value of Wyveron does not fall.
Also, the price of the coin does not depend on the price of bitcoin, because the correlation is planned only with USDT.

Shared PoS & Masternodes platform
Introducing a shared masternode and staking service.
It often happens that one person does not have enough coins to create a masternode. Or there are too few coins for stable staking.
We propose to merge community coins to create shared masternodes and wallets for stable staking.



                                                       November-december 2022:
                                                       presale and advertising

                                                                                           January 2023:

                                                                                           Listing on the exchange

                                                                February-march 2023:

                                                                various partnerships

                                                                                                     December 2022- forever:
                                                                                                     Making a profit for all participants.




Coin specifications:

Coin name: Wyveron (WVR)
Type: Proof-of-staking
Premine: 109.000 WVR
RPC port: 14125
P2P port: 14126
Block reward: 1 WVR
Maturity: 6 confirmations.
Maturity for staking: 21 confirmations.
Block time: 5 min.
Address prefix: "W"
ROI: from 30% per annual (floating) in dollars USA.



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